We were highly against the fact that we and our relatives and friends are forced to eat all sort of unhealthy food – this is how the idea of this product was born. Have you ever noticed before that a can of the famous nut and chocolate spread is kept on a usual store shelf, and not in a refrigerator. It may be stored like this for 1 year and you won’t notice any changes in its visual appearance, texture, taste etc. In the meantime this is simply impossible if a product is natural!

We created our product basing on the idea that OUR OWN relatives and friends, and – the most important – OUR OWN children will eat our VIVRA paste!

For many years we had been studying various recipes of food cooked by long-livers in Caucasus, consulted specialists in the field of medicine and nutrition, and as a result VIVRA paste was created. This paste is cooked according to an ancient technology of rubbing seeds and nuts using a quern-stone. The quern-stone itself is made of a special mountain rock. The paste has oily texture, smells vegetable oil and seeds, its color varies from dark to light brown.

VIVRA products boast a well-balanced mix of proteins, fats and useful carbohydrates (fast and slow).

The fast carbohydrates provide immediate energy, while the slow carbohydrates keep you full for many hours. This product is not only delicious and charges you with energy for a long time – it is also highly BENEFICIAL for your health!

You can find detailed information on the benefits of VIVRA paste on corresponding product pages.